INVESTOR & CO. provides specialized consultancy in the activity of widespread waste recovery organizations, as per Article 14, Section 2, Clause 2 of the Law on Waste Management.


INVESTOR & CO. is a trade representative of three leading recovery organizations for the following widespread waste:

  • Tire waste;
  • Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE);
  • Battery waste.

As part of our consulting activity we have proven experience in drafting documentation in accordance with Article 81 of the Law on Waste Management (and the regulations relating to its implementation) for nine organizations on obtaining operational permits. Six of them are now licensed and part of the 31 waste recovery organizations operating in Bulgaria.

Upon obtaining a permit, clients can benefit from our specialized consultation services, starting with the draw up of an efficient business model for operation as a waste recovery organization, based on our clients’ criteria:

  • set up and operation of systems for separate waste collection (including drafting of and signing contracts with municipalities for placement and service of waste containers, organizing locations for waste collection, education and information activities, etc.);
  • fulfilment of commitments under the Bulgarian legislation – Law on Waste Management and the regulations relating to its implementation;
  • market research and analysis;
  • cost-benefit model of the activity, etc.

In addition, for clients who intend to enter the waste recovery organizations market, we provide market studies and surveys of the legislative framework, along with a realistic business model of a working organization.

Our team members have an extensive experience working with waste recovery organizations and partake in the amendments to the relevant Bulgarian legislation – the Law on Waste Management and the regulations relating to its implementation, as of 2005.

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